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Android Development

We need to install Eclipse software for developing application and game for mobile devices using Java programming language. If you follow these instructions, you can be expert in Java and Android in few months. You don't need to be computer scientist to do this. You need energy and patience (+ internet and a laptop)

If you already know Java programming then jump to STEP 6 otherwise loop yourself from STEP 1 to STEP 5 untill you are comfortable with Java and it's environment. If you have any question related to programming language then ask it for example

STEP 1. Make sure JDK is installed properly for windows computer according to the video

STEP 2. Follow the instruction as mentioned in Google Android developer page (Download ADT Bundle)

STEP 3. Make your first "Hello world" Android application by following the steps

Now if you have been able to make your "hellow world" application you are ready to go with Java.

STEP 4. Now make "Hello world" with Eclipse

STEP 5. Learn how to write program in Java in 21 days

If you already know Java you are ready to make your new application or game in android platform.
In internet there are plenty of tutorials that describe how to start Android development. In our tutorial we focus on some specific problems.
STEP 6. If you want to start developing in Android here are some sites (here you should have some working knowledge of Java programming).

If you want to control your application before before any activity then the following article help you.

If you want to handle JSON in java please follow the following link

Learn how to design complete Android application, multipurpose Android compass (end to end)

Learn how to animate sprite in Cocos2d

How to sign my Android Application by self sign

How to handle Audio (playing and recording) in Android

How to integrate GoogleMap with Android application