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Azan (athan, prayer times) for Nokia Asha

Azan for Nokia S40 touch phones, most advanced with multiple  useful featured from Hemelix.

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Here are short description about each feature.

 Video demo of the application (video may looks different based on phone type, see  bottom part for any questions).

Info: Short description about this product and some other information.

Kabah: If you click on this  icon, it will display a map where which will show your location (draw an image) and the Kabah. It will display the distance from your location to kabah. It will print also the direction of Kbah from your location from east in clockwise direction. There are plus  and minus button at the bottom that can be used to zoom the map. 

Hide/exit: If you keep presed on this  icon (long press) it will exit the application, if you do single touch then the app will  run in back ground, it will play azan in due time.

Location: Your country  and capital will be automatically inserted if you have valid SIM card. If there is no SIM card then it will show Kabul, Afganisthan. You can press on the 2nd button (at the bottom) to insert your current location. Again if you have valid SIM card, it will locate your province or city and the country. You can add manually your place also by pressing on + button. You can delete any location by pressing on delete button. 

Myazan: You can record your own azan  and that will be played when the azan time is due. Your own azan must be less than 3 minutes long. So better you practise before recording it. You need 2 different types of azan for Fajr  and  rest prayer times. Before recording you need to insert the time in seconds (3 minutes = 180 seconds). If your azan is 2 and half minutes long then you insert 150  Before pressing on record button you need to insert the time. You can select any file that is less than 1.5 MB file that can be used as azan when the azan is due to play. If for some reason the selected or recorded audio file is not found then this software will use the default azan provided by this application.  In the UI,  rec means recorded audio file, sel means selected audio files.

Tasbih: Tasbih can be counted, just  drag and release anywhere in the screen.

Corrections: In this view, you adjust the azan time  by pressing on +  or - button. This is necessary for first time. It will remember the difference  and use it for future calculation.

Directions: Draw a compass and shows the direction on the screen.

Hadit: Shows 40 hadit with meaning.

Settings: various settings can be set by this options, Calculation method, daylight savings, asr ratio, volume, AMPM, keep off etc can be set. Keep off means when you want to play  and when not. Also make sure that volume is not 0.

Prayertime: Shows the details prayer time for today. It also shows how long time left  to next prayer time.

Azan: If you press on this icon, you can play azan manually. 

Frequently Asked Question:

Q. How can I record my own voice and use it as Azan?

A. Please go to MyAzan, select the time you need, you need to practice beforehand. Azan time should be given in seconds. If you need 2 and half minutes then insert 150. You select the azan you are trying to record. It can be Rec (Record) Fajr Azan or  Rec (Record) other azan (meaning othar than Fajr Azan, reason is assalatu...). When you are ready then press on the record button and start your own voice near the phone. When the time has been elapsed then it will stop recording Azan. So it would be nice if you can be precise in time. Maximum 3 minutes long audio can be recorded, meaning you need to insert at most 60 X 3 = 180. If you insert more than 180, it will give an error.

Q. How can select my own Azan from file system?

A. Press on the Sel. Fajr Azan (Select Fajr Azan) to select a file from memory card or from your phone memory. Good to have 2 Azans (one for Fajr  and another for other Azan). The selected file will be used as Azan. 2 Azan are necessary bcause of different azan for Fajr compared to other.

Q. How can I insert my location?

A. Go to location view and press on the 2nd image on the bottom line. Wait a bit  and it will detect your area and automatically it will be selected. If you change your area and still in the same area, your location name will not be changed but the underlying coordinate will be updated. Hence it will calculate the accuate time. You can insert any location manually if you know your location from this link ( Type your address there  and you get lattitude and longitude.

Q. How can I correct Azan prayer time?

A. Press on corrections, fix  each Azan time by pressing + or - sign. You need to restart the Azan or need to come back to this view to see the effect.

There are many other useful features, please browse it. If you have any questions please ask from hemelix. We shall be glad to help.



Screen Shots: 
Azan control view