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Remote Bluetooth Profile Analyzer

Screenshot for HemeBt (Remote Bluetooth Profile Analyzer)

Main view of HemeBt application

  • Device view contains device search option
  • Make a list of devices
  • Any device can be selected to find it's services and attributes

Devices listed with address and names

Looking for details properties of the device


  • Select the target device and press details (from menu also), it will connect the device and get a list of supported features.

Details properties listed in detail view


  • Supported profiles list are stored in internal text file and that can be sent to PC for inspection of profiles supported by this device.
  • The file name will be start with the address of the device

Folder listing view of remote device


  • We can browse the folder and file list of remote device
  • We can get an file from remote device also (this feature is for limited device, contact hemelix to get a updated version of sis for free)
  • Press right arrow to open a folder
  • Press left arrow to go upper level
  • Up and down arrow to go up and down
  • For touch devices, tap on the folder