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Compass for Symbian Phones

  • We can find direction by our mobile phone by HemeCompass application. It will use the built in compass feature of our phone. If our phone does not have the magnetic compass feature it will shows a note that compass is not supported. Now a days most devices support magnetic compass. There are three signal level from the magnetic sensors, lowest accuracy, medium accuracy and high accuracy. When we start this application, it will show a note to move the device. If we move the device around then we can get different accuracy level.
  • If our phone does not have built in magnetic compass then we can use the GPS feature to find direction. For finding direction we need to be in outside to get GPS location of the phone. It will receive two location points and find direction based on the following formula. Following picture shows that we need to have two points that means we need to move a bit to find direction. When the application know the direction of movement it will rotate the image to indicate our direction of movement. It will show the angle of movement from north. We need to be in outside and that can be indicated to this application by settings menu item.
  • If we want to know where we are then we can see it in a map. To get the map, we select map menu. We can set zoom level of the map by settings menu. If we don't want to use default access point then we can set the access point by this option also. If we are in inside then it will use the 3G network and if we are in outside then it will use the GPS of the device. We can tell the application if we are in inside or in outside by the settings menu.  
  • Occationaly we might need to know the street address, post code or even where we are. We can find the name of the road, postal address, post code of the place where we are located right now. If we are in outside of building we select phoneoutside for better accuracy and if we are in side building then we can use inside feature. The image was taken by a device that is located in Finland.

Install to your phone:

Supported devices:
S60 5th edition devices
Symbian^3 devices
Symbian Anna



Screen Shots: