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Phone spy software (Symbian & Android platforms are supported)

This is mobile spy software or child tracker what ever you say. By this software you can track a lost phone, find its location, get a notification when SIM card is changed (and many other features). To make it working we must install this software (Hemetracker can be installed to the target phone from Nokia Ovi store ) or from Android Market . The software runs in background all the time. If the phone is lost or if you don't find it, this software can locate the phone. If we want to follow a person then you can install this software to his/her phone.

Download user guide TrackerGuide.pdf to your PC 

If you get a return SMS instead of actual result please check if the message format and password pair are correct. Password must be with numbers (5 digits number, 0 to 9) other than 12345 in current version. 

Please read this instructions before commeting in Nokia Ovi store and before using this software. 

When you start the application or start the phone, tracker application goes to background automatically, if you want to change settings, open the application again (in the menu system where the icon is visible again) and it will give you time to edit the settings 

Contact Hemelix directly, we shall help you if you have problem 

Please see video demo and read the text to be familiar with HemeTracker software 

The application developer is not responsible for the use of applications in a manner inconsistent with the law. 

Follow these steps to track a phone.

  • Install Hemetracker to the target phone, the phone you are going to track
  • Update the settings (see settings below)and keep it running in the phone
  • Create an account in the Hemelix
  • Get the 15 digits IMEI id of the target phone by pressing *#06# when the phone is in idle mode or send SMS *#htsndim 23456 to the target phone, if you have already installed this application
  • Insert the IMEI id and password you set in the settings to Hemelix data base, My Devices on upper left corner then add devices
  • Send a SMS *#httrkstr 23456 (23456 is assuming password of this application you set) from any phone to the phone which one you want to track
  • Press on the track button (in hemelix tracking page)and see where the target phone is moving
  • You can zoom in zoom out to see more precisely the phone location
  • If the target phone is inside room (No GPS connection), you get rough location

Follow these steps to know location via SMS.

  • Send a SMS with this contents: *#htsndlc 23456 COR assuming 23456 the password you set when installed the tracker application
  • Wait a bit, you will get a reply message with location information
  • Target phone will send lattitude and longitude of the traget phone in reply. If we selected MMS then it will send MMS (google map image) otherwise it will send just latitude and longitude in a SMS.

Follow these steps to know location map via MMS.

  • Send a SMS with this contents: *#htsndlc 23456 MMS assuming 23456 the password you set when installed the tracker application
  • Tracked phone will send location map via MMS with zoom level 16, it will not care if we set what we set in the settings. You can specify zoom level as extra parameter for example *#htsndlc 23456 MMS 20, 20 will be used in the map zoom level
  • Wait a moment, you will get a google map image in reply, you need to have valid access point in the settings

Follow these steps to get SMS notifications when SIM card is changed.

  • Check that the settings of tracker application are correct
  • Check phone number is in full format, +countrycodeandphonenumber, +880171176543
  • Check that autostart feature is ON

Follow these steps to find lost phone nearby.

  • Send SMS to the target phone with the contents *#htfndph 23456 assuming 23456 was the password in the tracker application
  • Target phone will play loud sound that will help you to find the phone.

Follow these steps to receive an photo around the lost phone.

  • Send SMS to the target phone with the contents *#htsndph 23456 assuming 23456 was the password in the tracker application
  • Target phone will take a photo and send it to the number from where SMS was sent.
  • User will not notice it. To make sure it will work you need to set valid access point. If the target phone is in confined place (for example inside a bag) it will give you a black image.

Follow these steps to know IMEI ID of target phone.

  • Send SMS to the target phone with the contents *#htsndim 23456 assuming 23456 was the password in the tracker application
  • Target phone sends the IMEI id. IMEI id is necessary if you want to track the phone with google map service provided by Hemelix.

Follow these steps to track phone with Google map.

  • Send SMS with the content *#httrkstr 23456 assuming 23456 was the password in the tracker application
  • Lost phone will send location data to Hemelix, if you add the IMEI id of the phone with the password in Hemelix database you can take a look where is the phone and where it is moving in real time on Google map. If the phone is in inside then it will shows rough estimated location and if it is in outside then it will draw a phone image on map and draw a path where to where it is going. Tracked phone will send location only for 20 minutes and after that it will stop sending any location data. If you want to activate again you need to send this SMS again. This was done to save battery power.
  • If you want to customize this software for your business, please contact us.

Follow these steps to stop tracking phone with Google map.

  • Send a SMS from any phone with the following contents *#httrkstp 23456
  • Tracked phone will stop sending location to hemelix. It can be activated again by sending another message.
  • If you don't send SMS it will stop automatically in 20 minutes

In the above examples, 23456 is the password in the tracker application in the lost/tracked phone, the software can be obtained from Nokia Ovi store or from Android market places. 
Some other new features are coming in next version, please stay with us. 
If the SMS format and password is not correct, you get a SMS reply that your message was wrong, Make sure that you send exact SMS to phone. If the software is deleted from the phone or if the phone is shut down then we have no way to get information about the phone. 
Contact us if you have any question 

Details Diagram 


-The device we are going to track, HemeTracker software should installed and run in target device 
-Software should be configured properly, password can be any 5 digits number except 12345. With 12345 any body can guess it and for this reason you should not use it. Run Check Settings to make sure all settings are correct. 

A phone from where we send specific SMS to target phone, the target phone secretly answer to this phone. User of device can't trace this activity. 

A phone can instruct the target phone to send it's location information to hemelix and user can log in to hemelix to see the device movement in Google map in real time. To do that we need to add the device IMEI ID with the password of hemetracker application. 

Settings of Hemetracker 

This software need some settings, these are: 
Access Point Used: 
Select the access point which we are planning to use with this software. Best access point would be 3G access point. If you select wifi that means it may not be valid all the places.
What to send: Two options, send via MMS or Send via SMS. If MMS is selected phone will send MMS Google map image with location information. If SMS is selected then phone will send a SMS with location information.
5 digits number other than 12345. 
Notify to: 
The number where we send location information when SIM card is changed, this number must start with + (full number with country code). We get a notification SMS and the current location of the phone. The SIM information is stored in phone and when we insert new SIM card it will compare with the stored one. If there is no match it will get the location information and send SMS.

Auto Start: 
Auto start the application when phone boot, Yes is default. If you select No then when user reboot the phone it will not start this application and tracking system will not work.
Not Swap window: 
Yes or No, default is Yes, if we select Yes this application will run in background.

Screen Shots: