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Location Guide for Mobile

LocationGuide application for mobile devices

Location guide is an intuitive mobile application that helps you resolve location related problems.

If you find an issue or improvement idea please directly contact us .


LocationGuide application for mobile devices

Location guide is an intuitive mobile application that helps you resolve location related problems. If you find an issue or improvement idea please directly contact us .

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Video demo of LocationGuide 

Following image is LocationGuide icon that is visible after installation.

Since this application uses location information for your device to find out the address, speed, direction etc. Device manufacturers want us to show a note about this information. Your location information is used locally only for calculation purposes. This data is not given or sent to anywhere else. So safely press on the GO button. If you touch the cross button this application will exit.

After pressing on the icon we see this main view of this application. We can see a rotating magnetic compass that shows you the direction. You can see the current address where you are at this moment. If you are totally inside then it will show "Address not found". The device should be close to window or even in open sky to get signal from GPS system

At the bottom of this application (see the image above), we have six icons.
First one will display speedometer.
Second one will display distance and time measuring mechanism.
Third one will show map where are you at this moment.
Fourth one is for calculating route with multiple destinations.
Fifth one will show direction finding mechanism in two different way by GPS system.

Speed measurement view:
With this view we can measure speed when we are moving. One is analog mode just shows a dial moving as the speed change. There are several measurement units supported. If the speed is higher than 260 we should change the speed to bigger one.
We support also digital mode (select the digital symbol at the bottom to switch to digital mode). We see that speed changes though we are not moving, the reason is by default GPS system is not 100% correct. This can be reduced if we are in outside and in open sky. Third icon is calibration icon, if your analog speedometer does not show accurate value when the dial rotates, you can put some value around 60 (for example 59 or 61 etc and retest it). If you press and hold on the calibration icon it set back to default value.

We can change mode by pressing on the icons at the bottom.
-First one analog mode (give rough speed rounded to 1 unit)
-Second one digital mode give precise speed
-Third one for calibration of Analog speedometer, in case if we need.

Distance measurement view:
We can measure distance by this view. After pressing on go button we can see it will show how much we have moved. When we press on stop then it will show the time needed to travel that much distance. We can select the accurate unit as our need. The timer start to count even if we don't move, so this can be used as timer also (In this case, we ignore the elapse distance). You might need to wait a bit to get GPS connection, if there is no GPS connection, then Go button will not be active.

Map view:
We can see in map where we are at this moment. It will display your current location as center in the map. In the bottom, it will show a icon to send your location address or current location via SMS. You can press address of current place via SMS. It will show also zoom button. If we have calculated optimum path then it will show all the location starting with A, B etc and the last location is marked as L.

Tap on the SMS icon to launch SMS application by which you can send your address or location to other.

Finding multiple routes
If we want to travel to multiple location in optimum way then this feature can be used. We can insert up to 7 locations in this application to find optimum path with the shortest distance by car. we need at least 2 location (except our current location). After the calculation, it will show all the places in sequential way, it will show time needed (in minutes) and distance in KM. It will show also total distance and total time needed to travel all location. You need to insert the location manually, if the address is wrong it will return an error. If you don't know all the fields then keep it empty. After calculation, we can see all the target locations in map. First target location is marked as A, second location is marked as B and so on. Last location is marked as L.

If we want to delete any location, we select it (by touching the address) and then press on the cross button. This program will remember all locations in file system.
If we press on the + button then it will show the following page where we can insert address of our target location. We keep empty any field if we don't know it.

Direction measurement view:
We can find direction while we are moving. There are two modes of measurement. Incremental mode, it will show how we are moving in each second (compare to where we were in previous second). On the other hand, we can use absolute mode to measure direction from particular location (when we press on absolute direction icon) to current location. The starting location is a location when we press the absolute mode. Absolute mode is good while we are walking on the other hand if we drive car then incremental or absolute mode can be used based on our need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am not moving but phone shows distance?
A. By nature, phone shows distance, this is because GPS signal is not accurate 100%. There can be always several meters (in open sky it can be around 2 meters) positioning error .

Q. I am nor moving but direction changes?
A. This is same reason as GPS signal is not 100% accurate. When we get a location at a particular time then in next time we can get different location without moving. That cause this type problem.

Q. What is incremental mode while I find direction? A. With incremental mode we find direction between 2 points compared to current location and where the device was 1 second ago. If you don't move then the dial will move. This is good while we are driving car (changing the location quickly).

Q. What is absolute mode while I find direction? A. With absolute mode we find direction between 2 points compared to current location and where the device was when we start absolute mode. This means when we move from one place to another place then it will find direction from the initial position to current position. This is useful when we walk to find direction. This can be useful to find direction between two locations. Q. How can I find optimum path for my route. Press on the optimum icon (4th icon in the main view). Insert at least 2 address (excluding your current address), then press on GO. It will take a while to calculate. Once it is calculated then all the address are printed in optimum way. You should go from your current location to the first one, then second one and so on. If you go to map view then you can see all the location A, B... and the last one as L.

If you want to have new feature in this LocationGuide software please contact us .

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