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Privacy Policy

How we use location data!
Hemelix uses location data of a device for performing calculation. For example to calculate speed (while we are moving) we get location information and calculate the distance traveled during the time. If don't get location then we don't have any way to get the speed. The same issue is for address. We collect the latitude and longitude of the device and then we use it to find the address.

Though we collect the location, we use it locally in our Hemelix application. We don't save the location in our location guide application or we don't send the location information to any third party server, people by any means. Location information is used solely in our application to provide you better service.

What options you have!
We try to provide an option in our application (either menu or options) that can be used for opt-out. In that case, we don't collect your location data, as a result location related application may not work properly.
If you are using tracker application, then any time you can delete your device information from our database, none of the data is used for marketing purposes nor it is sent to other party by any means. We don't store any information even in archive.

Hemelix user account!
If you have created an email account in Hemelix site, we use it for understanding user. We don't use the email for any marketing purposes or we don't give email to any person, company for any purposes by any means. How ever we might send you email when we have new products. Many of our product are tested globally by our beta testers. If you are not interested you send us a mail, we delete your account, it will not be stored even in archive.

Changes of any policy!
Our policy might change time to time. We can delete, update our web site contents without any prior notice to anybody.