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Screenshot for Shoppinglist application

See how to use Shoppinglist application at end of this page, download for Symbian phone (FREE) from

Please find description at the end of each screenshot. 

New item view

  • New list (that one you are going to use for shopping)
  • No item has been added yet to this list
  • Use new item menu to add an item, that item will be added to all item view automatically for later use
  • Press right arrow to go to allitem view (where all items name are stored)
  • Select options | cost to see the total price of the list
  • Select options | Details to see details properties of the product
    • -Amount, amount of the product can be inserted by pressing enter or by selecting options | edit
    • -Price/Unit, price of the product can be inserted by pressing enter or by selecting options | edit
    • -Unit, unit of the product (kg, gm or number) can be inserted by pressing enter or by selecting options | edit
  • All the above properties of an item will be updated to the AllItem view of also
  • Select Options | Remove to remove an item. The item will not be deleted from Allitem view
  • Select Options | Send via | SMS to send all items in the new item list view by SMS to remote device
  • Select Options | Send via | Bluetooth to send all items in the new item list view by Bluetooth to nearby device
  • Select options | exit to exit the application (Exit is available only in new list view)

All item view

  • Shows all items from where we can select and make new list for purchase
  • Select options | mark to select the item that is going to purchased, select as many items as necessary
  • Select options | To new list to make a new shopping list from the selected items
  • Select options | Add new Item to add new item to the all item list
  • Select options | Details to add details propoerties of the product
  • Select options | Remove to remove a product from all item list
  • When an item is added to new list that is added automatically to all item list
  • Item can be added directly to this list or can be removed.

Setting view of the application

  • You can send the shopping list over SMS or Bluetooth to remote phones, if the remote phones support this application, you can set to yes, if yes is selected then remote phone will receive this shopping list as same shoppinglist. If you select no, this application will send as ordinary SMS where the product name will be shown.
  • Item information short (only name) or details (name, unit and amount)
  • When the application will start it will check if there is any old list in inbox, The app will remove the list from messaging inbox if it is true
  • If the app is running and a new list come then it will make sound

Adding new item to list

  • New item can be added to new list and that will be inserted to all itemlist also, later that can be selected by marking it.

  • Price per unit can be inserted, if it is done in newlist then that will be changed to corresponding allitem list if the item is in allitem list.

  • Rice has been inserted and Banana is going to be inserted

  • You need to insert product name only for first time.
  • Rice and Banana has been inserted to newlist and these two items are visible in allitem list

  • If you want to send the new list to remote device select send via SMS or Bluetooth

  • When you purchase then select Options | Purchased, when all items are purchased then you can make a bakup of the list

  • When you have purchased all items are the list is baked up then the new list will be empty and oldlist menu item is visible in settings view

  • Latest bakup list will be number one and previous will be renamed to list_2 and so on. Any of the old list can be selected and can be made new list.

How to use Shoppinglist application

This application will make your life easy for shopping. You don't need to remember or write things on paper. You don't need to tell other over phone or send SMS to bring things. You just create a list by Hemeshopping and send it to remote phone over SMS or Bluetooth. 

How do I make a list

For first time, you need to type and after that you make shopping list without typing. 
Select (In NewList view) Options and then Add new item, Insert the name in the box.

How do I insert price information

Select (In NewList view) Optons and then details, you can insert Amount, price and unit (Kg, gm etc). Item name can't be edited in this page. 

How do I send this list to other phone

Select (In NewList view) Optons and then Send, if SMS is selected then phone book is open and from there we can select the person where we send. On the other hand this list can be send to other phone via Bluetooth. If remote phone does not have this application, then select Remote Shoppinglist in the setting view to "NO". This will send list as normal SMS or text file. 

How do I see my cost information

Select (In NewList view) Optons and then cost. This will show total cost (and amount also) of the list. If no price/amount information is set then cost will be zero 

How do I do shoping in the market

Select (In NewList view) Optons and then Purchased. When all items are purchased then it will store as a copy in the system if you like. 

How do I make a list without typing

Select (In AllItem view) Optons and then mark. This will select items, do as many as you want to select. Then select Options and To new list. This will bring all the items to NewItem view (Your Shoppinglist is read)

How do I make new list from last list

If you did bakup when you purchased all your items, the information will be available to make a new list. Select (In Setting view) Optons and then OldList. This will show last used list that can be converted to new list by selecting Make New 
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