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Tic-tac-toe over Bluetooth


Naught and Crosses over BlueTooth (Android)

  • Classic  tic tac toe. 3 ways to play the tic tac toe
  • Play against phone (user  vs phone), Play against another player (same screen is shared), play with another plyer, data is transferred over bluetooth
  • Naught  and cross can be selected as you wish (in the setting view, press on the settings button)
  • Background music can be put ON or OFF
  • When you play against phone, the simple or difficult mode can be selected
  • If you win, after the game you hear a clap sound
  • If you press on play via, this will change the mode of game. When you select play via Bluetooth it will start searching nearby devices. When it finds the device, you select the device. After that you can play as usually.
  • The game mode is shown on the top of the game view by small image.
  • It also shows how many times naught or cross has wined in current setting. When setting is changed the  win counter is reset to zero.
  • If you have any issues, contact us.
  • This instruction is valid for version 1.2


Naught and Crosses over BlueTooth (Symbian)

  • A game that can be played alone or with other people over Bluetooth.
  • The game can be reconfigured with different settings, for example board size, play via phone or bluetooth and so on.
  • Can be installed in S60 3.x and S60 5.x platform
  • Download both touch and non touch version
  • Download from Nokia Store for your Symbian Phone  FREE
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